1st canine campers Ireland meetup: Kilbroney Forest Park!

1st canine campers Ireland meetup: Kilbroney Forest Park!

Last weekend we had the First Canine Campers Ireland meetup in Kilbroney Forest Park!
I can say that we had an amazing time, we met a wonderful people and new dog friends!
We were not many people, because the group is newborn and also the time of the year I guess, but the location and the people and dogs met have been fantastic!

I travel from Dublin, while the others from Northern Ireland, so we met half way: Rostrevor!

It took me about 1 hour and 1/2 from Dublin and the camping was absolutely easy to find. It is just after Rostrevor and very easy to spot.

When you arrive you need to check-in and pay 20 pounds as deposit for the smart card using for the car barriers and the toilet.

I was on a hard standing pitch, but had close a grass patch so I could put up my “utility tent”.

I have been surprised by the amount of people camping, but the place is big enough so that everybody has space and it didn’t feel packed at all!
I went for a walk around to see the camping and facilities (sorry for the quality of the pics!)

I then met Isabel, her nephew and her two wonderful doggies. We went for a first walk on the river side to Rostrevor as I had to get cash at the ATM.
No, I don’t want to give you the details of everything I did!! 😀
It was just to highlight that you can walk to the town, where there are shops, ATM and pubs!

We later met Alison her husband and their dog. We had coffee, FANTASTIC scones and a cake in their campervan! Their dog is an absolutely sweetheart, while my two were outside stressed, waiting to go for more walks!

We had a quiet night, it has been raining and me and the dogs have been in the tent and Kangoo studying a little bit

The morning after again Alison offered us a coffee (badly needed by me, as I don’t have any cooking facilities yet in the van !) and later on with met Caroline with beautiful Coco and we all went for another walk all together!

The forest park is absolutely beautiful! There are different walks and trails, but I have done only the river walk. Caroline did the Narnia trail and she said it was absolutely beautiful! (Send us photos Caroline if you like!)

The camping has really everything is needed: nice and clean facilities, sport pitches, kids area and cafe restaurant.
The dogs need to be kept on lead, but just outside the camping in the park they have been all the time off lead and all people met were absolutely dog friendly.
I will post some links to the park and camping at the end of the article.

As Jago is never tired, we stopped quickly in Laytown beach on our way back to Dublin:

I hope to update this article with more details and links, but please do comment if you need info or if you have something to share!

I can say that it has been a successful first meeting and I really hope there will be many to come!