I am a dog lover who just started camping in Ireland!

I realized that, despite the campings always list if dogs are allowed or not, the comments and real experience of other people are invaluable!

I started creating a facebook group, but found in no time that all the information were getting lost in the growing timeline!

And that’s why I decided to create a blog: to try and aggregate the information, to reach people who are not on Facebook, to help visitors with dogs coming to Ireland with their dogs!

I hope to update this page soon, changing the “I” to “We”.
My personal experience is limited as unfortunately my time availability.
It would be great to have a team of people collaborating writing articles, or just sending comments and helping me to make this blog grow!

The only purpose is to be useful to the community, it is not a professional blog and there will be no making money!

Thank you for visiting and let me know if you have any suggestion!