CaniCross event – dog camping – Dartrey Forest Co. Monaghan

CaniCross event – dog camping – Dartrey Forest Co. Monaghan

Last weekend Jago and I went to the event organized by Canicross Ireland in Monaghan.
I have done a bit of running with Jago lately and he was enjoying that, so I thought to try and join a canicross event.
This should have been our first race, but unfortunately in the last 10 days I developed a painful foot condition, so I could only walk a little, limping a bit.

If you don’t know Canicross, you can find more information on Canicross Ireland Website !

I didn’t want to stay home feeling sorry for myself… so we still went to watch the event!

I took Jago and on Saturday morning we left for county Monaghan!


The red point on the map, is the forest where the event was.

Unfortunately it is not possible to stay overnight in the forest, and I was with the group in an activity centre ( ).  The activity centre is not a camping and I don’t know much about it unfortunaytely!

In the afternoon, Jago and I went to visit around the forest and the lake.
I can’t provide many details because I was  limping, so I couldn’t walk much, but I have seen signs for many trails!

Here some pics:

I have to admit that there were big signs asking to keep dogs on lead.. And yeah, the photos are the proof that Jago was off lead :/ (I took care to see that I wasn’t bothering anyone.. it would be impossible to tire Jago on lead while limping!!)

The night went well, quiet, but I have to admit that sleeping with only 1 dog I was cold!!! We missed Buddy!

As you can see it was very humid!

We woke up early and went to see the canicross event!
Unfortunately my phone had no battery, but anyway there are a lot of better quality pictures on the website/facebook page of Canicross Ireland, made by a real photographer! 😀
The Canicross event had people running, going on MTB and scooters!

Unfortunately I don’t have any other interesting details to share about the area!
In my opinion the forest is very nice for kids (especially the part you can see in the photos on the lake) and for MTB (I have seen many people with bicycles).
Not sure about being dog friendly (especially off-lead dogs) and about trails safety dogVSbicycles… unfortunately I could walk only few hundred meters so  I haven’t been able to “test it properly” 😀 !

Maybe some reader could provide more details?

If you have info about Dartrey Forest and surroundings let us know so we can update the post and make it useful for the Canine Campers in Ireland!