Dog Camping Trip n.2: Clifden!

Dog Camping Trip n.2: Clifden!

For our second trip in August we went to Clifden !

As camping we choose the EcoCamping, after reading many reviews and seeing the photos with pitches right on the beach!

As it is quite far from Dublin, I decided to go there after works and spend there two nights: not the wisest choice because we arrived when it was almost dark, and setting up everything in the dark is a lot more difficult!

The first night was very very windy, so putting down the tent has proven a quite difficult task 😀

The camping is nice, there is space, but it was quite full. Not a problem as the pitches are not one on top of the other,  but it was bit difficult to find space in the kitchen/toilet. As usual the rule is to keep dogs on lead all the time. You have to pay a 40 euro refundable deposit for keeping  dogs.
They have a beach, but again dogs need to be on lead.. if you walk a bit you’ll find another beach and finally you can let them run  free!

The following morning we were up early, bit frozen by the windy night spent in the non-insulated van

Soon we went to visit Omey Island, an incredible place!

It has been funny driving following the signs in the middle of this long and  large beach! You can reach the island only when there is a low tide, so make sure to check the right time!

We parked the car and walked around, fantastic location and  a lot of fun as usual for the dogs:

I have seen people doing wild camping in there, but I don’t know the rules.. it is a dream location though!

We soon decided to go up the Connemara.. It was quite busy because of the nice weekend, but always nice walk and view from the top!

The only problem has been a woman complaining that I was supposed to keep the dogs on lead or they would be shot by the farmers (???!).
We were not on a farmer’s land and the signs at the beginning of the walk where just saying to keep dogs under control but not on the lead. Of course I put them on lead when there were many people around and/or kids.. but.. if you have more info about the regulation let me know!

The day didn’t finish with that walk though! We found a small and secluded beach where the dogs could use the remainings of their energies!

… and back in camping this has been the result:

Last day a short run on the beach, but it was raining a lot, then we went to Galway for a quick city tour.

Best lunch in a dog friendly cafe: The Jungle Cafe

Super wet and tired, we went back to Dublin, but after a great experience!!

If you have any other suggestions for dog-friendly places around Clifden please leave a comment!

(I am not affiliated with any of the places I write about, campings or cafe, just sharing my personal experience!)