Dog Day trip: Bettystown Beach

Dog Day trip: Bettystown Beach

Unfortunately I can’t go camping with the dogs every weekend, and often I also have to study.

But having now the fantastic Kangoo, I thought to look for locations where I could park and study in the van, with the dogs having fun running around!

The first destination has been Bettystown Beach

Unfortunately the weather was miserable, grey, windy and rainy, but my two dogs don’t really mind it!

When you arrive in Bettystown, there will be a sign for the beach.. and the car park is straight on the beach! Exactly what I am looking for!

bettystown beach
bettystown beach

I was actually happy that the weather was bad, because it meant less people around, more quiet as I had to be in the car studying while the dogs where out.
Of course they are all the time under control, they don’t really go far, I check all the time from the window and I jump out when needed.

Here is my setup:

We have been on the beach for at least 3 hours, me studying, the dogs running, fetching the ball and especially getting wet 😀

I believe that during the summer and in sunny days the beach is a lot more populated. There were at least 10 cars in that terrible Sunday. What do you think? I was the first time for me there, so I am not sure if I could do the same on a nice summer day..

I personally didn’t have time to go around and explore the area, but I have seen shops few minutes from the beach and a sign for a place I visited time ago: Soinarte.

It is a beautiful eco-centre, with nice walks, gardens and a cafe. As far as I remember it is dog-friendly, but I haven’t been there recently.

I had good time on Bettystown beach and I am sure it will be one of my “study” locations!

If you have any other detail to add, please let me know!

Looking forward to explore more and to hear your suggestions for other dog-friendly spots!