Dog Day Trip: The Curragh Plains

Dog Day Trip: The Curragh Plains

Hi everyone,
another place we explored last weekend for our study / dog day trips has been the Curragh Plains.

I admit that I don’t know much about the area and I just followed what “other people were doing”.
On the exit 12 of the M7, following the Curragh signs, there is this huge plain green area full of sheep. I parked where other cars where and let the dogs have fun!

I am not sure about rules in there, as to where to park or dogs control. I have seen cars parked pretty much everywhere on the grass, but I kept myself close to what seemed an “unofficial car park”.

Of course you need to have dogs not interested in sheep, because it is full of them! And they also come close! I was worried to not bother them, but I guess they are used at this point to the visitors!

It was full of people walking with dogs or kids with kites, but the place is so big that you feel you are on your own!

Once again I didn’t have time, unfortunately, to explore the area. I have been sitting in the Kangoo writing my assignment and I just walked around the car few times to take breaks and some pictures. As far as I remember at the end of the stretch of the road, there is a town with a shop, so you can buy some food or water!

Few pictures from the day, and as usual if you have additional info or some questions PLEASE comment here or contact me!