My DogVan: Kangoo microcamper

My DogVan: Kangoo microcamper

For many years I have been dreaming to have a converted van to use for camping.

I have been researching a lot, reading articles, comparing ads, looking at prices and options.

The research led me to two options: VW of course, maybe a caravelle or Bongo.

Unfortunately in Ireland the second hand market is not big, and even more unfortunately, it is very difficult to get normal tax (non business) on a van type car. Even if it’s a passenger car!

I didn’t have the option to keep two vehicles, so at the end, I have been finally able to buy… a beautiful Kangoo!

Kangoo car

Kangoo model

The one I bought is a 2008 model, automatic (!!! first time driving an automatic car: it’s great!!) and with Barn door.
I didn’t think much about the rear door, but I have to admit  that, for Ireland, it’s an absolute plus, providing shelter from the rain!

The seats fold in two ways, as a normal car, but can also be lifted up (I know that newer kangoo models have seats which fold into the floor)

How to convert?

One again I spent several hours and days trying to find the best way to convert the kangoo.

There are many people doing it on their own, even showing how to do it, other people using plastic boxes … you can find a lot of examples of micro-camper conversions on google!

But I had two requirements:

  1. Non-fixed conversion: I want to use the kangoo as a normal car as well
  2. Easy to fold and with space for two people or 1 person and 2 dogs

I started to look at the commercial options available. There are some incredible kits. Some examples:

  1. Amdro Boot Jump
  2. Camp in box
  3. Ovicuo travel box
  4. Swiss room box

and others…

Problem? Outside of my budget.

So at the end I found something “cheap”, without the great options that the others would provide (no kitchen, no water tank etc, only bed and table

=> spacecampervan

The kit

The kit arrived early and the customer service has been great.

From the feel you can see that it is cheap, it also needed a waterproof coat of paint, considering I will go around Ireland with the dogs

Once painted, I put it in the Kangoo boot, folded the seats and ta-dah!! Here how it looks:

I bought the version without cushions, because my dogs are always wet and full of mud!

I was a bit worried by the length, it says 173cm, so I was worried I wouldn’t fit. But actually is long enough for me (and as far as I know I am few cm taller…)

I will write in another post more info and photos about the kit, but I wanted to start sharing the info, because for me reading people experiences have been precious (and I hadn’t been able to find anyone with the spacecampervan kit).

So far I am happy with my choice, I still dream to have all the features more expensive kits have, but .. that might happen in the feature!

Let me know if you have any questions, if you know of other kits or if you want to share your experience!

Happy dog camping!